Our story

We all know a lion or an owl.

Our Founder

Learning from Our Kids.

Like most families, my kids have two distinct personalities. One is a lion with a fierce and adventurous spirit. The other is an owl; a keen observer who cherishes solitude. Through my kids, I have learned the importance of representation in the world and the impact that it can have on their self-expression and confidence. But as my kids have grown, their clothes have become such an important part of their identity. And we were all frustrated with the limited options available.

We started to explore the apparel industry together as a family, with my kids’ insights leading the way. What began as an idea for leggings has evolved into a full-scale children's apparel company with an unwavering mission: help children feel confident and comfortable in what they wear. It's a journey that has brought us great fulfillment, and we're grateful for the support of our community as we learn and grow.


Jeff Bender, Founder and proud Dad.

Our Team

Raising a Happy Brand

When Jeff was ready to bring Lion + Owl to life, he reached out to friends and industry experts. Lexi Kulaitis, Jeff's best friend of almost 20 years, brought her marketing and branding expertise to his mission to build a new type of clothing brand for kids. Together, they shaped Lion+Owl into a platform that represents fun, strength, and confidence; with positive “kid-first” insights forming the brand's core.

Claire Thomas-Morgan joined the team to bring their vision to life with her insightful and creative apparel designs. Through pattern, color, cut and fabric choices, Claire has helped create a product that everyone at Lion+Owl is proud to share with your family.

This is truly a labor of love and one in which we remind ourselves daily to “Be Brave.”

The L+O Team

it takes a village

About Our Partners

The journey to launch Lion+Owl has taught us that with the right team, anything is possible. The expertise and support of many amazing people have brought L+O to life in ways we couldn't have achieved on our own.

Most amazingly, building Lion+Owl as a family has helped us show our kids that the bigger the problem, the greater the willingness of people to help find a solution. We are grateful for everyone who has contributed to our story. At the heart of it all is a simple idea - that we can make a difference if we work together.